With this data room provider, you will replace mundane and repetitive processes with AI-based workflows. Artificial Intelligence is now implemented more often in virtual data rooms as this technology got advanced. And Drooms wisely decided to leverage AI for its service to offer customers a better experience.

One of the features that rely on artificial intelligence is the findings manager that will define and quantify the possible risks and opportunities of the deal. It allows to accelerate the process and gives businesses apparent advantages. And that’s not the only automatic feature in Drooms data rooms.

For example, the Index Allocation function allows building the structure of documents much quicker. Just upload all the files in one batch, and the system will assign indexes automatically saving a lot of time for you. The service automatically adds tags to files to ease the search. In addition to that, users have a full-text search function that allows finding the information much faster.

To simplify the work with documents for users, there are handy features like real-time file viewing that helps to review the information right away. The page preview function makes it easier to go through documents without the necessity to actually open them. And with the split-screen technology users can compare papers conveniently.

But Drooms didn’t stop there chasing the goal to improve the user experience of the interaction with the information. Members of the team can bookmark files with colorful tags to find the required page faster in the future and to signal other what should they focus on. Also, users can leave notes on the documents. This feature enhances teamwork and accelerates deals.

This provider supports oversize files – from A0 papers to supporting files that contain up to 10.000 pages. It gives a lot of flexibility and eliminates the need to convert and adapt documents before uploading.

Another useful thing Drooms offers is a Q&A workflow that is integrated into the storage. Therefore, users have a convenient environment where they can use the Questions and Answers section while reviewing the papers without the necessity to switch between screens.

In the dashboard, users will see an overview of what’s going on in the data room. Additionally, they can create reports with detailed information that allows getting useful insights and make better data-driven decisions. Overall, Drooms works on perfecting the user experience. However, some clients find the interface somewhat outdated. But there are no significant complaints about the system.

Of course, this data room is highly secure. The provider protects both the storage and data transfer ways with the most robust encryption. In addition to that, Drooms implemented the blockchain technology in deals to offer even more safety.

Also, this provider has a quite standard two-factor authentication through the SMS sent to the user’s phone upon logging in. And precise control over levels of access team members and third-parties have allows protecting the documents even more. The administrator can set permissions down to a single file.