EthosData indeed is an excellent provider that offers a suitable solution for various business industries.

The vendor will launch the data room in less than five minutes, and it will be ready to use. It doesn’t require any plugins. Just upload the documents and organize them, add users and set levels of access. EthosData, as the best data room providers, offers several levels of permissions: users can view, edit, copy, print and share documents. And every action can be either allowed or forbidden by the administrator. But for some users, such precise control might be overwhelming in the beginning. So they might need to take some time to understand it.

That’s it – now all your data is safe and easy to share. There is no need for new users to go through any guides or lessons. The interface is very straightforward and requires no additional training. However, EthosData offers training sessions if users need them. And if you will face any issues, the support team is on alert 24/7 to help you out.

Moreover, the data room team can take care of your data uploading and managing it. If you want, specialists will add new users and maintain their levels of access. The work of the data room team is tracked, so you can revise it later to ensure everything is done. Also, the support team will assemble insightful reports for you. Studying them you might get new ideas on how to improve the workflow and get better deals. However not all users like how these reports are presented.

Overall, customers are very satisfied with client support. They find it quick, effective and useful. Besides that, such an extended help EthosData offers is not that widely-spread among data room providers. The support team basically sets up the whole platform adjusting it to the unique needs of your business. That’s quite a lot of work that is done instead of you. Thus, you’re saving a lot of time and efforts.

Even though the support team can do a lot of things for you, it doesn’t mean you have less control over your data room. Administrators have a separate module in their accounts where they can control everything that is happening in the VDR. However, users say that this module is not as user-friendly as it should be. Not experienced admins might need quite a lot of help from the support team.

The software is available in 11 languages and works on all devices and browsers. Therefore, it will be easy to access the virtual data room from anywhere at any moment. It is crucial for businesses in India because of the difference in time. In some situations, you have to react quickly to certain actions of participants of the deal to come to the successful agreement. And EthosData platform makes it possible. Although, users say there are issues with usability in some browsers.