Merrill DataSite

Obviously, before the Internet Merrill wasn’t offering digital data rooms but other services related to document maintenance. And as the world started switching to online, this company joined everyone and evolved into the data room provider.

The vast experience has both bad and good sides. The bad one is that since Merrill exists for so long, it had quite a lot of time to gain the reputation and big enterprises as clients. Therefore, this vendor has complete freedom when it comes to prices. That’s why Merrill’s services come at higher costs than in the case with most electronic data room providers.

On the other hand, the experience allows this vendor to understand all the needs businesses have. The company was working with many different brands from various fields of expertise. Thus, today Merrill knows nuances of all the industries and can offer a suitable solution for everyone.

But if you have a well-known corporation with a solid reputation, you might want to pick Merrill only to suit your status. That’s why among Merrill’s clients you will see many Wall Street corporations. However, this virtual data room is not worse but also not much better than many others.

Also, you have to consider that Merrill offers not only data rooms but other business instruments, too. Therefore, it will be logical to assume that the VDR will work the best in the package with those tools. Still, as the experience of this provider’s customers shows, data rooms are quite efficient on their own as well. They offer all the functions businesses needs without overloading users with too many features. Also, the interface is organized well, so that even not very tech-savvy people will quickly understand how to use it.

Although, the pretty and simple interface doesn’t balance out the lack of modern functions. The quite standard fence view mode is absent in Merrill’s data room. Additionally, there is no bulk upload which is fairly inconvenient. And the interface is not as customizable as more advanced users would want it to be.

However, we shouldn’t forget that Merrill focuses on large enterprises. It might be that they don’t even need all these modern features we are used to. The data room does a great job supporting the business during complex processes like mergers and acquisitions and even biotech licensing. So it is safe to say that this provider offers a nice tool for work that will satisfy most of the needs the business has.

Merrill offers 24/7 access to the help center via email and phone. There is no live chat which might, again, seem somewhat outdated, and the service doesn’t offer live training. But the provider will offer you a dedicated project manager to guide you through processes. The support team speaks over ten different languages which are very convenient for non-English speaking users.