This London-based data room provider exists since 1988. At that time it used to be a financial printing company that switched to online when the Internet arrived. In contrary to most experienced virtual data room vendors this one is not what we would have called old-fashioned. Sterling is a rather innovative and agile service that offers a streamlined experience to businesses from various industries.

Users will find many useful features in Sterling data rooms that allow executing deals smoothly and quickly. There is no need to install any software or plugins; thus it will be easy for third-parties to jump to the documents and review them fast. Additionally, this vendor has a very straightforward and easy to use interface. Therefore, even the least advanced users will understand how to use this virtual data room without any training.

Of course, as the company with the vast experience, Sterling understands the importance of reliable security. To improve protection, this provider utilizes the resources of Adobe Lifecycle and Microsoft Information Rights Management. In addition to that, the service is full of safety features users can apply.

For example, there are dynamic watermarks that are an advanced version of the usual ones. These watermarks can include detailed information about the user — for instance, IP address and the timestamp that shows when did this user access the file. Thus, documents are protected from unauthorized utilization even more reliably.

Sterling offers another unique security tool – tagging. Using it, clients can label the files to signal other users what is the purpose of the accessed document. It’s not just convenient in terms of sorting and organizing the files. This feature helps to prevent any unintended data leaks and distribution of the materials that are not meant to be seen by unauthorized individuals.

One more thing that gives users control over the privacy of their data is the ability to set permissions. The level of access can be set down to a single document. Therefore, the administrator of the data room can manage the permissions third-parties have rather precisely. It allows to both protect the data and get flexibility during the deal because controlling what the third-party can see the business can create the required image.

Along with standard tools like the Q&A section, Sterling offers some advanced instruments. For example, users can perform the search through the documents in different languages and in the body of the file, even in the case with scans of papers. It is extremely useful, especially if the business stores quite a lot of data in the virtual deal room.

Additionally, there is an intelligence reporting feature that works in real-time mode. Using it, businesses can see what are members of the team and third-parties doing with the documents. All the activity can be assembled in reports and reviewed later. Studying them, business owners can detect specific trends and get useful insights.

Of course, Sterling couldn’t leave the clients without a dedicated support team that is available at any time of the day and night. Users can ask for help via phone or email. The support team will guide them through the whole process and solve the issues.